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Workout with Micah

Hi Kitah Alef,

Micha (from Grade 2) made a warm up video.

There are so many skills to learn when creating and sharing a video. 

Can you think of some….

If you tried the video you can give Micah feedback through google hangout, or write him on chat.


…and here is another one:

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Some info regarding tomorrow and the coming weeks.

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and finding positive ways to deal with our new reality.
We are all working hard to create some learning consistency and routine to our students and you, the parents. 
We understand that each family’s situation is unique and will try our best to accommodate you. 
By tomorrow afternoon you will receive our weekly plan with more detailed explanation as to the expectations and our availability. 
We will continue to treat the days as school days and will be available for the kids throughout, to assist in any way we can. 
With regards to getting things from school tomorrow. It is not a necessity, given that some can make it and some cannot. If you do come, you are welcome to pick up their Siddur, but it is not a necessity. The rest will be on line for you to print as we go along. This is new territory for us to learn together, collaborate and communicate regularly. As always, we are looking forward to working with all of you to make this happen in the best possible way.
Take care and…
Grade 1 team.
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Reading and Math Homework

This week the students have been assigned math homework on Prodigy. They have two weeks to answer all of the assigned questions because of Purim. The activity reinforces what we have done during our math lessons. They are asked to compose and decompose numbers up to 20 using concrete materials. Reading and math homework can be done on alternate days. The username and passwords are glued into their red folder. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, each week your child should read M-Th. Our  our reading challenge Grade 1 goal is 300 books by end of May.


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Spirit Week Class Theme

Hi everyone,

As you already know, next week is spirit week at OJCS. For Wednesday we are going to all dress up as Crayola crayons.

We are making the props in class; however, we need each student to decide (with your help… Clothes dependent) what colour they will be.

Please search their closet and decide by Thursday, so they can use the proper colour for their props…

Thanks for your help.

Kita Alef.