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Yom Ha’atzmaut

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut. The day will be filled with RUACH and special activities. Take a peek at what’s been added to the schedule. Please wear blue and white tomorrow. You can add blue and white ribbons to your hair or add a flag to your cheeks with face paint. Be creative and show us RUACH!!

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Hebrew Chatter in Chatterpix

As I wrote in the past… one of the most difficult part of teaching Hebrew is getting the students to speak and I am always on the lookout for new and fun ways that will encourage them to do so, mistakes and all…

This week I introduced them to Chatterpix – a free app where they can make an object talk.  They were very excited and those who had the chance to complete one, asked to do another one! success! they want to speak. 😉

Next step for me… what else can I use it for?

Reading with intonation to show comprehension

provide information about a place or an object.

Here are few examples of what we did so far:

You can see more here.



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Math and Reading Homework For This Week

                   Hope everyone had a lovely Passover holiday!

The following is the homework for this week :

1.Choose a book on our Daily 5 Choice Board.

2. Click on the Classkick link in the Read to Self section

3. Go to the Reading Log and have your child record themselves reading their book. They just click on the microphone icon to start recording and click again to stop recording.

4. If your child has done this already for the month of March they can work on IXL subtraction builders located on the Daily 3 Choice Board. Otherwise, complete one from the list G.1-G.10 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.