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Videos speak louder than words!

Salut les parents!

Another 2 and a half exciting weeks full of learning and fun is over.  The students proudly recited the poem “Voici mon coquelicot” during the Remembrance Day ceremony.  Apart from that, they also learned the song ,”Mon beau coquelicot”.  We did different exercises where the students had to put the missing first letter of the word after hearing me say the word.  That exercise develops both their listening and writing skills.  In addition, I was reading different sentences to them with already familiar vocabulary and expressions, and they had to match them with the correct photo. Regarding the vocabulary,they started learning the shapes so now when they describe an object,they can give me more details.We also continued practicing the vowel A combined with other letters and last week they learnt another poem related to numbers “Un,deux,trois”.Poems are catchy,repetitive and help students learn vocabulary and pronunciation. In addition, I love how they describe photos from the Taoki book.What makes me really proud is to see them fully engaged with a huge enthusiasm to learn.That drive for taking risks and acquiring new knowledge is what makes my GRADE 1 so so special! Je vous adore mes anges!Enjoy the videos.

IMG_6698 (1)


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Tell me,and I forget,teach me,and I may remember,involve me and I LEARN!!!!

Salut les parents,

This week we continued practicing the colours, as well as fall vocabulary.  We have added verbalizing numbers and reciting 3 poems about the colours. The students also made beautiful cards for one school in Israel  with french wishes.  We also kept on practicing the vowels A,O,I,E,U  and we learnt the expression ‘Il y a’ (there is)  which the kids used along with the sentence “Je vois” (I see) in order to describe what they see in a picture that I showed them.I was so proud to hear them using these two sentences with the vocabulary they already know like colours,numbers school and fall.Doing puzzles,playing french games and wordwall games with their reading buddies help them practice,learn and have fun.

This week’s challenge: To learn a poem for Remembrance Day!

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Special days in Grade One

Global Maker Day

This past Tuesday was Global Maker Day 2023. The students loved taking part in a day full of collaboration and creativity with schools from around the world. 

1A and 1B loved using their design thinking skills on Global Maker Day. There were four different STEM challenges to choose from: make a monster, a game, a new playground, or build a 3D school model. Special thanks to everyone who sent in all the recycled materials. There was more than enough cardboard and containers for the building.

There was a buzz in the room as the students chose their groups and started to brainstorm. With materials and tape in hand, the building began, and absolutely everyone was engaged and having so much fun.

Morah Ada and I were amazed at all the different building that was going on in the class. The students collaborated as they tested and adapted the designs to meet with success. Students presented their STEM challenges to the class. They were so proud of their final products. Global Maker Day was a success. We were inspired to be innovators, problem-solvers and share our work globally. 

A visit with Ottawa Firefighters

The JK, SK, and Grade One classes had special visit yesterday afternoon. A group of Ottawa firefighters from our local Station 23 came to talk about fire safety with the children. Firefighters discussed their roles as community helpers. The students also learned about making fire exit plans at home.

The children were excited to go outside and get an up close look at a real firetruck and learn about all the gear firefighters need to use.

One of the firefighters just happened to be the father of a SK student, which made the visit extra special.





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Hebrew Homework Begins

HOMEWORK IS HERE AND WE ARE EXCITED (and a little nervous)

laptop reading

Really! You should have seen the excitement when I told them they will be bringing homework home this coming week. 

Let’s do our best to 

keep up this kind of RUACH (SPIRIT). 

We have started working at school on our reading, and as of this week, I would like the children to begin practicing what we do in class at home.  I believe that to become a good reader you need to practice regularly, and reading at home allows for that.

Also, having some homework encourages the learning of how to be responsible, manage time and plan ahead; a skill that will assist them throughout their careers as students, and later in life.


Now that we have practiced reading and recording on Classkick at school, we are ready to begin our homework. 

As mentioned during our Back to School Night, the homework this year will be on Classkick. On page 1 there is an attachment to a PDF file if your preference is for your child to read it from printed pages. You can print the 

booklet and use that for homework. If you do, please sign the page he/she read and send it to school with him/her. You can also email me and I am happy to print the booklet for your child to take home daily. If you are not a Hebrew reader and cannot support your child in reading correctly, I encourage you to use the classkick for them to listen and read along with me, while their eyes are on, and finger/pointer is under, the written word.  

The links for the homework will always be found in the Weekly Homework Slide on the blog.

This week we begin with 3 pages:

  • Tues: P. 7 (ב/ו)

  • Wednesday: P. 8 (ג)

  • Thursday: P. 9 (ד)



There is a recording at the bottom of the page to help review it. In order to use it best, encourage your child to use their finger to follow along as s/he listens and repeats the sounds and words. 

The children are encouraged to record themselves as they read daily; however, the requirement is to record twice a week.

Know that if it takes your child too long, they do not require to read the whole page, but rather a few lines. If that is the case, please mark up to where they read.

If your child does not record daily, I ask that you sign the page on the Classkick. Click on the T (Text) or use the pencil option. You bring it to the Signature line and type/sign with a stylus or finger. Once homework is done (includes recording or signature), remind your child to press on the green hand to show me it is complete. 

There is an explanation about using CLasskick under the Back to School Videos in our blog. 

Finally, I want to remind you, this should not take more than 5-10 minutes at the most. Please let me know if it is taking too long. 

Happy Reading,

Morah Ada. 🙂

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Learning French is so much fun!

Hello Parents,

More than one month has gone by and lots of interesting and fun things have been happening in our French class. As you already saw, I sent home the booklets we created with the kids regarding the classroom vocabulary and the vowel A. Please practice reading the new words with them and the expressions (Je vois). The students benefit considerably from the older kids during reading buddies.As you can see from the photos, not only do the little ones read some syllables to them and the booklets we prepare in class but they also write some words.  We are also learning to sing 2 songs “Salut bonjour”and “Dans mon sac à dos”.The highlight of these last 2 weeks was the Terry Fox Day when the kids learnt to say “Terry fox est Brave”and on Orange Dress Day the kids learnt to say “Je compte””.I am so so  proud of the amount of french my kiddos use every day.I think the photos talk for themselves!

IMG_6265 Terry Fox est brave





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My busy bees are Buzzing!!!!

Dear grade 1 parents!

Joyeux Yom Kippur!


Another 2 weeks of fun and educational activities for our kiddos.While we continue applying our routine and rules, kids seem to be adjusting beautifully, showing great enthusiasm for learning.The focus during these 2 weeks was the colors,the numbers 1-10 and the french greetings.We also talked about Rosh hashanah and learnt some of the food we consume that day like apples,honey,fish,pomegranate.Of course part of our daily work is revising the letters by playing games,writing words and reading syllables.Here is the song “Bonjour,Salut” in case the kids would like to practice singing at home.

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Reading homework begins today. Hooray!

                                                                           English Reading Homework

Your child will be bringing home a book to read tonight. The children are so excited!The book bag should be in their note tote. Your child should read the book and then record the title on the reading sheet (great printing practice). Please return the book tomorrow so your child can get a new book.

Happy Reading!



If for some reason the note tote does not find its way home tonight you can read a story online with this link

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Hello OJCS parents and welcome to Grade 1!

Can you believe another school year is upon us?If you don’t already know me, my name is Madame Efi Mouchou. This is my 2nd year at OJCS. I look forward to forming relationships and teaching your kiddos. It has been a pleasure working with your children, and I have seen so much growth and learning already in the short amount of time we have had together. Last week we spent time getting to know each other and establishing the classroom rules. We played games revising the letters of the alphabet, and practicing the calendar, we did some writing activities and we read lots of books.This week’s focus was on the french greetings, and saying our name in French. I look forward to meeting you all at back-to-school night on the 19th when you will have the chance to see your kids’recordings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me through email or a phone call.

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Building, Mapping and Collaborating in 1A

Building, Mapping and Collaborating in 1A

Collaboration is a learning skill that all grade one students work on throughout the year. Working and communicating with different partners and small groups takes lots of patience.

Teachers help students navigate any problems or conflicts as they arise. They arrange for students to work with different classmates throughout the year to practice communicating and collaborating.

In Social Studies, students started creating maps with a partner. Each group created a community map and presented it to the class.

The class had so much fun creating their communities that we decided to work all together to create one community. Each student chose a specific community helper to research. They also needed to make the community building each helper worked at. The ER doctor built a hospital, while the principal and teacher made a school and playground together.


Student Zev Delilah Rachel Levi Ilay Aliyah & Maia Miles Nate Emma
Community Helper Vet Vet Postmaster Farmer Chef & Restaurant Owner Teacher & Principal Policeman Firefighter ER Doctor
Community Building Animal Hospital Animal Shelter Post Office Barn&Farm Restaurant School & Playground Police Station Fire Station Hospital

The students researched and wrote about their community helper’s role and responsibilities. They presented their findings to the class. They designed and created community buildings. Together they decided on symbols for the map key and worked on mapping the 3D community.


The collaboration I have seen over the last few weeks has been terrific. The children have been so supportive and encouraging with each other. Best of all, the children had so much fun.


Memories of our year in 1A

It was a wonderful year in 1A! The Grade One team loved teaching these amazing students.

Here is a link to the Summer Learning Resource page

Dear 1B Students, 

It has been an incredible experience watching each and every one of you grow, learn, and evolve into the amazing individuals you are today. I am SO proud of each of you and the progress you have made throughout this year. Thank you for being such a wonderful group of students and for making this year so fun and memorable. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and dedication have made my role as your teacher an absolute joy. You have inspired me with your hard work and determination, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your educational journey. 

Dear Parents,

It has been an absolute joy to watch your children grow both academically and socially this year. Thank you for all of your support throughout this school year. It has been an honour and a privilege to be your child’s teacher this year and I want to thank you for entrusting me with their education and growth. 

Summer is upon us and it is time to recharge our batteries by taking time to enjoy our family and friends. Whatever way you choose to embrace the summer months, we hope it is filled with fun and laughter. As I have stated in your child’s report card, here are things to use at your discretion to strengthen their understanding of a particular concept or improve their reading and math fluency.

From Ms. Karissa